The curriculum at L’École - Various inquiries

who are the teaching staff at L’ÉCOLE ?

The teaching staff at L’ÉCOLE Van Cleef & Arpels is made up of more than 30 instructors: jewelers, art historians, experts, gemologists, watchmakers… Although each of them deals with their own specific field of expertise, they are united by the desire to share their knowledge through experimentation and dialogue. They all share a passion for teaching about jewelry.
If you want more details about our instructors please visit the following page on our website:

Is there a minimum age requirement to attend the courses at L’ÉCOLE Van Cleef & Arpels ?

Besides the Creative Workshops which are dedicated to the younger children (5-12 years old) and the teenagers (12-16 years old), our courses and Evening Conversations are reserved to adults (18+).

Do you offer additional support and documentation in order to extend and deepen the knowledge shared during your courses?

Absolutely. At the end of each course we provide you with an extended list of resources (books, websites, museum, films) to deepen your knowledge. To go further, stimulates and fulfills your sense of curiosity, we made a series of short films which are available in the e-library section of the website. Don’t hesitate to check them out and share them with your friends.

Do you accept foreign students?

Of course ! Our courses are available in French and  English. If you have specific requests regarding spoken languages please get in touch with us:

Is there any prerequisite in order to attend your courses or can one be a real beginner in the jewelry world?

There is no prerequisite for taking our courses. L’ÉCOLE Van Cleef & Arpels offers initiation courses to beginners who would like to become enlightened enthusiasts.

Does L’ÉCOLE Van Cleef & Arpels provide professional qualification and certification?

No, L’ÉCOLE Van Cleef & Arpels is the first school of its kind, for initiation into jewelry and watchmaking, for the public, and therefore does not provide professional qualification and certification. However, we often welcome professionals from all around the world, who would like to broaden and deepen their knowledge on Art History of Jewelry, Gemology or Savoir-faire.