An interview with Giovanni Corvaja

Gold is Giovanni Corvaja’s passion. He works it with the skill of a Renaissance master and the inventiveness of a fearless scientist. Corvaja’s workshop, in the medieval hilltown of Todi in Umbria, is the laboratory – cum – art studio where he creates. There, he invents his own processes and combines them with traditional and space-age techniques, often using tools he designs and makes himself. Corvaja succeeds in transforming precious metal into beautiful objects and jewels of fur, sponge and weavable "linen" threads – feats never achieved before. Pure, precious, golden-light, his artworks are simply breathtaking.

Giovanni Corvaja, Goldsmith
Paula Weideger, author and journalist specializing in the visual arts including jewelry

This conference will be in English with simultaneous translation into French.

Photo: The Golden Fleece Ring
Giovanni Corvaja 2008
mm 24 x 24 x 16 (mm 18 internal diameter)
Collection of the Dallas Museum of Art