Four creative workshops for young people in September — June 26, 2015

The goal is to inspire and heighten awareness of creative professions in the minds of children and adolescents aged 5 to 16 years, by offering an experience that is both educational and pure fun. According to their age ranges, 4 different courses currently exist: “Create Your Jewel” (5-8 years), “Make Your Treasure Chest” (8-12 years),  “Create Your Precious Clock” (8-12 years), “Entering the 3rd Dimension: Evolution of a Jewel” (13-16 years) or " Discover the Universe of Gemstones" (13-16 years).  These programs, for which tuition is free, are organized during school vacation periods (from July 20-23, October 19-22, December 16-21-22 in 2015). In order to register and-or for further information: