New lecture at L'Ecole on January 15th, 2015 — December 19, 2014

To start the year brilliantly, L’Ecole presents a unique conversation about the Cheapside Hoard, this disappeared treasure in the 17th century and rediscovered in the early 20th. To find it out , we will welcome Hazel Forsyth, in charge of the...

Samuel (Siegried) Bing, Art Nouveau pioneer — December 1, 2014

How did Samuel Bing contribute to the aesthetic revolution known as "Art Nouveau"? To go further, find Gislain Aucremanne, Art Historian and Professor at L’Ecole, under the heading “Online Videos”

Video on Ethiopian Opals  — November 17, 2014

During the course « Interpreting the Gemstones » we present several Ethiopian opals.  To go further with this surprising stone, find Dominique Dufermont, gemologist and geologist, Professor at L’Ecole, under the heading “Online Videos”.

Berber Jewelry : Evening conversation in Paris, Thursday, November 13th — October 27, 2014

There are still few seats available to be part of the evening about "Berber Jewelry" with Sarah Pinson, collector of Berber jewelry and Björn Dahlström, curator of the Museum Berber at the Majorelle Garden (Morocco). Do not wait to register!

The Professors are teaching Hong-Kong — October 18, 2014

From Thursday, the 16th of October, L’Ecole is in session for 15 days in Hong-Kong. 700 students from Hong Kong, China, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan are expected to attend 63 courses in Gemology, Savoir-Faire and Jewelry History. L’Ecole in Paris...