The great collectors of jewels - Evening conversation October 8th — September 29, 2015

How a jewels’ collection is built? Which desires and reasons guide the pieces selection? Famous collectors, as Elizabeth Taylor, the Duchess of Windsor, the Maharani of Baroda and Barbara Hutton, will help us to find answers… Register online!

Surprising Opals — September 2, 2015

For centuries, this iridescent stone has fascinated and delighted viewers with its éclat, its fire and its rainbow array of colors. With Dominique Dufermont, Gemologist and Geologist, and Gislain Aucremanne, Art Historian, let’s discover the secrets...

Discover our new video series "To Go Further" — July 29, 2015

                        To help you go further in your exploration of jewelry and watchmaking, L'Ecole's instructors discuss a specific work of art, gem or aspect of jewelry history through a serie of films.      

Four creative workshops for young people in September — June 26, 2015

The goal is to inspire and heighten awareness of creative professions in the minds of children and adolescents aged 5 to 16 years, by offering an experience that is both educational and pure fun. According to their age ranges, 4 different courses...

New York architecture & modern jewelry — June 1, 2015

Back from the nomadic experience in New York, Inezita Gay and Gislain Aucremanne, Art Historians, will let you discover how Art Deco architecture changed the face of jewelry. Register now on Line!