Beyond the Exhibition : design in the creative process of Jean Vendome

Discover the secrets of the universe and of the creations of Jean Vendome through the courses “Beyond the Exhibition ”, with a 2h format including a private visit of the exhibition.

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    6 people
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    2 hours
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    € 50

Jean Vendome’s unique contribution to jewelry design was to invest all of himself into completing the circle: from heart to mind to hand, by way of total mastery of his tools. He dedicated his days to the jeweler’s bench and his nights to draw, at home, on paper as well as on other materials.   His way of designing was something he lived out in a truly holistic approach. His design discipline synthesized perfectly: materials, techniques, and the emotions which his works, in their turn continue to elicit from those who experience them.

With an art historian, teacher at L'ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts

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