The library of L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts

2nd Floor, L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts, 31 Rue Danielle Casanova, Paris

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Welcome to the only library in France dedicated to the art of jewelry! The history of great jewelers, the artistic techniques used in jewelry, the features of different gems, and the current exhibitions: these will no longer be a mystery! 

The library of L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts holds approximately 6,000 documents (books, exhibition catalogs, documentaries, novels, comics, specialized press, auction catalogs) related to jewelry in the fields of gemology (geology, mineralogy, exploitation and use of gems), the history of jewelry (typology, jewelers and great houses, sociology, watchmaking), and the history of art and craftsmanship (history, trades, techniques and materials).

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The library is open Monday through Friday, by appointment only, contacting

Access is granted depending on the consultation times already reserved and on the schedule of L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts.