Inside Out, the Inner World of Gemstones

Live Online Conversation

Wed, 26 August 2020

7:00pm (HKT)

Free admission via Zoom - FULL REGISTRATION!


Precious gemstones are celebrated for their outward beauty, particularly for shining colors that capture our attention. Each of Mother Nature’s gems encapsulates part of Earth’s history, a story of a million of years in the making.

On the occasion of the current exhibition “Discover the Gemstones, Ruby & Sapphire” currently presented in Hong Kong, join us on a journey into this hidden space inside gemstones. With the expertise of award-winning photographer and gemologist Billie Hughes, and L'ÉCOLE Scientific Director and gemologist, Olivier Segura, we will explore together the microscopic depths of rubies and sapphires seeing a world that most have never glimpsed!

This conversation will be given in English.

Ms. Billie Hughes
Gemologist at Lotus Gemology Laboratory (Bangkok, Thailand)
Co-Curator of the L'ÉCOLE Exhibition “Discover the Gemstones, Ruby & Sapphire”

Mr. Olivier Segura
Gemologist, Scientific Director at L'ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts
Co-Curator of the L'ÉCOLE Exhibition “Discover the Gemstones, Ruby & Sapphire”


Like a terraced mountain, this large negative crystal rises in the center of an untreated Padparadscha sapphire from Sri Lanka
© E. Billie Hughes/ Lotus Gemology