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#LECOLEKidsRocks Contest - Image Release

Last Updated: August 2020

L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific, School of Jewelry Arts
Discharge - Image Rights

WHEREAS as part of the development of its activities, L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific, School of Jewelry Arts has organized the #LECOLEKidsRocks social media contest in August 2020 which involves the participants' submission of their children's artworks (paintings, drawings, writings, etc.) as public posts on the participants' personal Facebook and/or Instagram account(s).

WHEREAS L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific, School of Jewelry Arts having its registered office Unit 510A, Level 5, K11 MUSEA, Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong (hereinafter “L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific”) will use these artwork submissions, with and without the participants and/or their children shown, as posted on Facebook and/or Instagram (the "Works") for distribution and communication purposes in the press, on all media of all kinds, including on Internet on any websites including social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Vimeo, YouTube, Instagram etc. and blogs, as well as L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific’s web site, worldwide, without time restrictions;

WHEREAS, in this context, the participant (hereinafter "I"), representing also the children to whom I have given consent to participate in this Contest, agree to be filmed and/or photographed and interviewed and make the following statement:

1.   I hereby authorize L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific, and/or its affiliates, to use the attributes of my personality such as my name, image, voice, likeness etc. (the “Attributes”), as shown in the Works for internal or promotional and commercial purposes. To do so, I confirm as necessary to have granted L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific an exclusive license to reproduce, communicate, represent and/or otherwise use my Attributes as shown in the Works in any medium (e.g. paper, magnetic, digital, etc.) and for any broadcasting mean including television, press, computer networks such as the Internet including social networks, on other digital applications such as mobile phone and iPad applications etc., worldwide, without time limit and without any restriction or limitation.

2.   Given the destination of the Works and changing public taste and fashion, I agree that L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific has the right to modify and adapt the Works by deleting some elements and incorporating new elements. As needed, it is specified that this article is strictly intended to allow L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific to exploit the Works on different media according to practices, and shall not be construed as authorizing L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific to infringe the Attributes.

3.   I hereby acknowledge and agree however, that L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific has no obligation to use the Works or my Attributes in any manner.

4.   I hereby release L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific, from and against any and all claims, actions and liabilities in connection with any of the rights granted hereunder, and warrant that I have full rights and authority to assign said rights. In addition, I warrant to L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific that there is no material or legal fact likely to undermine or restrict in any way whatsoever the rights granted on the Attributes as represented in the Works, acquired by L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific, or the exploitation of such rights by L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific.

5.   I hereby waive any claim (financial or otherwise) in connection with the rights granted on the Works and on the Attributes, as represented in the Works.

6.   I hereby authorize L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific to assign or transfer its rights hereunder to any company controlled by the Richemont group. I shall not assign or transfer my rights and obligations hereunder without obtaining L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific’s prior consent. I acknowledge and agree that this discharge shall be binding upon me and my heirs, legal representatives and assigns.

7.   Any dispute concerning the interpretation or execution of this discharge shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong SAR, China, and exclusively submitted to the competent jurisdiction of the court of HKSAR, China.

8.   If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version of this discharge, the English version shall prevail.