2021: Discovery Series - Jewelry Courses at a special rate!

Beyond The Art of Gold

L'ÉCOLE Asia Pacific, School of Jewelry Arts has launched Discovery Series to encourage you to learn and discover further at a special price. 
3 Discovery Series now open to registration:

Beyond "The Art of Gold"

From now until August, with 3 courses, go beyond the current exhibition "The Art of Gold" to understand the history, savoir-faire and properties of gold. 
1. Gold and Jewelry, from Antiquity to Renaissance Princes (4 hours)
2. Beyond the Exhibition: "Goldsmithing Techniques: Tradition and Modernity" (2 hours)
3. Beyond the Exhibition: "The Precious Properties of Gold" (2 hours)

Introduction to the World of Gemstones

With 2 courses, familiarize yourself with the world of gemstones.
1. Discover the Gemstones (4 hours)
2. Recognize the Gemstones (4 hours)

Essence of Jewelry Design

With 2 courses, become an initiate in jewelry design: theory and practice.
1. The Gouaché in High Jewelry 1 – The Light (3 hours)
2. The Gouaché in High Jewelry 2 – The Color (3 hours)

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