2021 Jul-Aug: Creative Workshops for Kids - Golden Edition!

L'ÉCOLE Golden Kids Creative Workshops

At L'ÉCOLE, you are never too young to learn about the savoir-faire of jewelry-making. Have you always been mesmerized by the beauty of precious stones? Your kids may feel the same too!

Enroll your little ones to our workshops for 5 to 12-year-olds to discover the world of gems and turn their creativity into beautiful artworks!

To complement our ongoing exhibition on "The Art of Gold, 3000 Years of Chinese Treasures", our 4 workshops for Young People in July and August, 2021 will provide your kids with shiny materials, including golden stones and ribbons, to craft crowns, swords, treasure chests and more. Let the glow begin!

*Below workshops are conducted in English

Create Your Jewel (5-8 years old)
July 8th, 12th
August 21st, 27th

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Crowns and Swords (5-8 years old)
July 10th
August 28th

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Make Your Own Precious Clock (8-12 years old)
August 20th 

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Make Your Own Treasure Chest (8-12 years old)
August 21st, 28th

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