First school to initiate the public into the secrets of the jewelry world

L'ÉCOLE travels to Dubaï

The aim of L’ÉCOLE Van Cleef & Arpels is to share the jewelry culture to a large and varied audience, both in France and abroad.
Through hands-on à la carte classes taught by passionate experts, videos and books, talks and exhibitions, L’ÉCOLE welcomes the public to learn about the savoir faire of jewelry-making techniques, the world of precious stones, and the history of jewelry.

No prerequisite of education or skills is needed, only curiosity. In just a few hours, anyone who wants to learn and become an enlightened amateur will manage to grasp the richness of this fascinating universe.

Mission of L'ECOLE gemstones

While L’ÉCOLE is based in Paris, its goal is to share its knowledge with the world. Every year, L’ÉCOLE travels to different destinations to meet its students and offer them, in their country, a complete set of courses, talks and exhibitions.

L’ÉCOLE visited Dubai with a three-week program held in 2017. Similar programs have been held in Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New York.

L’ÉCOLE now returns to Dubai from March 29th to April 13th, 2019 with a series of 20 courses, 6 evening conversations and 4 exhibitions that invite the public to immerse themselves in the art of jewelry guided by leading experts. Discover the full schedule of L’ÉCOLE Van Cleef & Arpels Dubaï Special Program and book your jewelry classes!

For this very special event, L’ÉCOLE takes up residence at Dubai Design District (Hai d3).


Classes are held in the morning or afternoon, and conversations in the evening. Upon arrival to their class, students are greeted with refreshments, giving them the opportunity to meet the instructors and fellow participants prior to the start of class. Breaks provide further opportunities for dialogue outside of the classroom.

Comprised of gemologists, jewelry art historians, master jewelers, stone setters, designers, mock-up makers, lacquer craftsmen, and enameling specialists, L'ÉCOLE's team has over 30 instructors, all of whom are experts in their given fields. Find out more about L'ÉCOLE's instructors.

All of the instructors will travel to Dubaï from Paris and will teach the same courses that are offered at L’ÉCOLE in Paris. The courses will be accompanied by exceptional exhibitions about jewelry, talk-based lectures called “Evening Conversations”, kids' workshops, and cinema sessions, providing fresh knowledge to jewelry enthusiasts in Middle East through a variety of formats.

Ecole Dubai Instructors

L’ÉCOLE Van Cleef & Arpels has formed a cultural partnership with Dubai Culture & Arts Authority, a destination partnership with Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), an agency of Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (Dubai Tourism), and is delighted to announce twelve educational supporters.

The funds collected from registrations will be donated to Dubai Cares to help to provide children and young people in developing countries access to quality education.