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L'École offers initiation courses with hands-on experiencing, on an "a la carte" basis, organized around three themes: the Savoir-Faire, the Art History of Jewelry and the Universe of Gemstones.

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Gift Certificate Lectures 40,00 €

L'Ecole Van Cleef & Arpels offers a regularly scheduled program of evening conversations, from 8pm to 10pm. With this gift certificate, offer the chance to learn from and share with two experts on a particular topic.

Gift certificate First Discover 100,00 €

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分类 : 启蒙课程

The engagement ring : History, gemology and know-how
The engagement ring, a symbol of union and romance around the world, deserves to be better known.
With this workshop, you will learn about the history of the ring, gemologists will introduce you to the quality of gems and through the observation and handling of stones you will begin to understand the meaning of the different classifications.
To conclude, the jewelry teacher will reveal some of the workshop’s best kept secrets in order to create the most beautiful ring of all.

分类 : 精湛工艺

Trying out the jeweler’s techniques

体验精湛工艺,了解如何打造杰作…… 这个课程由一位珠宝师和一位宝石镶嵌师授课——两人在Van Cleef & Arpels梵克雅宝工坊拥有多年的丰富经验。此外还有一位绘画教师和一位导师参与教学。

There is so much to discover about the creation of an iconic jewel. Above and beyond the value of the precious metal and the gemstones which go into the jewel, there is a summit of achievement reached together by all those who practice the savoir-faire of jewelry making.

You will try out the jewelers’ gestures hands-on, and thus experience for yourself all the richness of these artistic professions, guided personally by the Master Jewelers.


分类 : 珠宝的艺术史

Art Nouveau Jewelry : from school to museum

Discover how Art Nouveau revitalized jewelers' art. This class is conducted by two art historians.

A splendid time for artistic creation, Art Nouveau identified the jewel as a work of art. Let’s decipher and interpret together the style of this period of tumultuous change: the « Belle Epoque »! To go further and to conclude our exploration we will visit the « Jewelry Gallery » inside the Museum of Decorative Art in order to enjoy major pieces of Art Nouveau jewelry.


分类 : Disabled

History & jewels : from school to museum

Learn from the History of Jewelry and master jewelers. This class is conducted by two art historians.

Periods, tastes, styles: each jewel has a story to tell.  Let’s listen to what these precious witnesses to the History of the Arts have to say to us. And, to go further, we will conclude our course in the « Jewelry Gallery » inside the Museum of Decorative Arts in order to discover or rediscover these masterpieces together.


Gift certificate Expertise 200,00 €

Offers one course among the following list :

分类 : 精湛工艺



从各种灵感源泉开始,您会跟珠宝设计专家导师一起沿着三个工序,了解珠宝的制作过程:素描、描摹和水彩画。然后,逐步制作白镴模型,这是首次以三维立体形式呈现珠宝的工序。从第一笔的素描到再现实物,Van Cleef & Arpels梵克雅宝学院将带您探索珠宝制作的所有方面。

进一步加深对珠宝作品设计步骤的了解:从石蜡模型,到在银质镶座上尝试镶嵌。 这个课程由一位珠宝师和一位宝石镶嵌师授课——两人在Van Cleef & Arpels梵克雅宝工坊拥有多年的丰富经验。此外还有一位导师参与教学。

由高级珠宝工坊“黄金之手”(Mains d’Or)担任教授,带领大家探讨对称之美,了解如何。调整造型,设计镶嵌布局……随后,您将尝试两种镶嵌工艺:封闭及爪镶式镶嵌。



Immerse yourself into two magnificent arts and crafts traditions. 这个课程由一位日本漆艺导师和一位珠宝师授课——两人在Van Cleef & Arpels梵克雅宝工坊拥有多年的丰富经验。此外还有一位导师参与教学。

Two traditions, two Arts, two types of Savoir-Faire: French Jewelry and Japanese Urushi Lacquer. "Mains d’Or" (Golden Hands) from the High Jewelry Workshops of the Maison Van Cleef & Arpels and a Master of Urushi Laqueur initiate you into the secrets of their Art.
Seated at the jeweler’s bench, you work both with metal and with inlaid vegetable ivory, to create motifs on a butterfly jewel’s wings. In the lacquer workshop, using tools and materials from far away, you create your lacquered butterfly, praticing three of the lacquer master’s ancestral techniques: placing colors, Maki-e, and mosaics in mother of pearl.


Explore and create 4 : Jewelry and “grand feu” enamelling

Discover the subtlety of applying the enameling art to a jewel
Enamel has existed since the invention of glass in ancient times. Accompanied by a Master Enameler, you will practice engraving the metal, crushing the enamel’s ingredients and then creating your own butterfly in champlevé and in plique à jour enamel.  Cooking your enamel work at very high temperature in the specialized oven will show you how and why this is called : « the art of ‘grand feu’ », because it is the fire, omnipresent in the enameler’s work, which fuses and transforms the material in order to reveal the color.

The gouaché in High jewelry 1 - The light

In jewelry, creation is the result of a team effort, for which the design is the first step. The gouaché is a technically detailed rendering which will guide all the different « hands » who will participate in thecreation of the jewel. The mockup maker, the jewelers, the gemologists, the polishers, the setters: all will refer back to it during every single stage.  The gouaché prefigures the jewel, both in volume and in color. The jewel is a 3 dimensional object in volume, for which the design is flat, 2 dimensional. In this course, you will learn how to master showing these volumes for a white gold jewel, and how to create a subtle play of lights and shadows, using your gouache paint and brushes.

The Gouaché in High jewelry 2 - The Color

In jewelry, creation is the result of a team effort, for which the design is the first step. The gouaché is a technically detailed rendering which will guide all the different « hands » who will participate in the creation of the jewel. The mockup maker, the jewelers, the gemologists, the polishers, the setters: all will refer back to it during every single stage.  The gouaché prefigures the jewel, both in volume and in color. In this course you will discover how the designer must perfectly express the association of color with light. From cabochon shape to faceted cuts, you will apply the techniques for gouaché which show the liveliness of the real stones.


分类 : Disabled




您将踏上探索珠宝历史的旅程,在其多样性中掌握卓绝的美学主题,了解其根源,以及在Van Cleef & Arpels梵克雅宝的发展历程中书写不同篇章的杰出珠宝大师。

提升个人品味,学习如何根据自己的个性、品味及过去佩戴珠宝…… 这个课程由一位艺术史学家和一位专业造型师授课。



分类 : 珠宝的艺术史





分类 : 宝石的世界


把焦点放在宝石之上。学会如何读懂它们。表达您的情感,并因对宝石的兴趣而佩戴… 这个课程由一位宝石鉴定家和一位导师授课。




您已学习了“诠释宝石”课程,现在想象自己身处世界著名的宝石市场:泰国的尖竹汶府、斯里兰卡的拉特纳普勒或哥伦比亚的波哥大。目标:亲自搜寻并正确无误地挑选宝石!Van Cleef & Arpels梵克雅宝学院的“鉴别宝石:认识宝石”课程将帮助您掌握宝石学的基本概念和工具使用。学习如何作出明智选择!


这两门课程将全面介绍有关“石中瑰宝——钻石”的知识。 这个课程由一位宝石鉴定家和一位艺术史学家授课。





Gift certificate Having access to Van Cleef & Arpels creations 350,00 €

分类 : 精湛工艺


参观工作坊、与工匠和设计师探讨,以慧眼品鉴卓越作品…… 这个课程由一位经验丰富的导师和一位Van Cleef & Arpels梵克雅宝珠宝设计师授课。

在探索、了解并体验了Van Cleef & Arpels梵克雅宝的世界之后,我们将走进其核心地带。您将可与创作团队对话。之后,您会参观Van Cleef & Arpels梵克雅宝高级珠宝工作坊,亲眼见证珠宝制作的每道工序,并与拥有“黄金之手™”美誉的工匠大师进行面对面的交流。