From French Jewels to Japanese Lacquer (4h)

From French Jewels to Japanese Lacquer Full

Experience an encounter between two craft traditions.

Immerse yourself into two magnificent arts and crafts traditions: French Jewelry & Japanese Urushi lacquer.


In the lacquer workshop, surrounded by tools and materials from Japan, create your own lacquer work butterfly using three of the lacquer master's ancestral techniques: applying color, Maki-e, and mother-of-pearl mosaic.


In the jewelry workshop, sit at a workbench, shape the metal and encrust it with vegetable ivory to create motifs on the wings of a jeweled butterfly.


Experience all the richness of these artistic professions.  

About the Course

Three hundred kilometers northwest of Tokyo live the greatest lacquer masters. It was with their help - and that of the "Mains d'Or™" from Van Cleef & Arpels' High Jewelry ateliers - that this class was created.

L'ÉCOLE - From French jewels to Japanese lacquer 261 Crédit Victor Podgorskii
Trying your hand at Japanese Urushi Lacquer
Trying your hand at Japanese Urushi Lacquer
Trying your hand at Japanese Urushi Lacquer

Sit Back and Relax

  • This class is conducted by two teachers, including a Master of Japanese Urushi lacquer. 
  • You will take home as a souvenir the two butterfly jewels you will have made: a lacquered one and another one in brass.
  • You are welcomed by your teachers before the class starts: a chance to meet each other and share experiences.
  • You don’t need to bring any specific material.
  • A certificate is given at the end of the class.
  • Take part in the course "From the Wax Project to the Setting Techniques", if you want to deepen your understanding of the art of French jewelry.
  • After each class, teachers deliver a list of books, podcasts, websites, museums related to the course attended.

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