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Sapphire, Art & Science

Online Conversation
Thursday, September 22nd

A blue gem par excellence, the popularity of the sapphire is above all linked to its color. Buy beyond the symbolic importance of this gem, its success in jewelry is due to its remarkable physical properties.

ML100753 Ornement de nez Mochica. Musée Larco de Lima

Jewelry in Ancient Peru

Online Conversation
Thursday, October 20th

Overshadowed by the myth of El Dorado spread in Europe from the 16th century, the long history of the jewelry of civilizations of Peru remains unknown to the general public.

Session pour le public européen :  Jeudi 17 novembre à 12 heures, heure de Paris, en anglais avec interprétation simultanée en français, cantonais, mandarin et japonais.   Session pour le public des États-Unis :  Jeudi 17 novembre à 20h00, heure de New York, en anglais (18 novembre à 2h00, heure de Paris)

A History of the Ring

Online Conversation
Thursday, November 17th

My first one shows a hoop, my second one can be worn on 10 different places, my third one is a miniature history of art, and they can all change owners. The answer is a Ring!


Open to all, L’ÉCOLE’s mission is to share jewelry culture with the widest possible audience.
Founded in 2012 on place Vendôme with the support of Van Cleef & Arpels, L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts offers an exclusive program, revolving around three main themes: savoir-faire, history of jewelry, and the universe of gemstones.
L'ÉCOLE welcomes the general public into the world of jewelry through courses, conferences, exhibitions and publications, both in Paris, Hong Kong and Shanghai—its three permanent sites—and in the rest of the world with traveling events.
Please refer to this page for our upcoming events in the U.S. and follow our online conversations listed!

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