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Jade, a "One of a Kind" gemstone

Jadeite bead bracelet. An Eye For Beauty, Illuminata Jewelry Collection Exhibition, L'ECOLE, School of Jewelry Arts, K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong Full

Join us for a journey into jade’s world, before common era to modern, from scientific to historical.

Jade, a “One of a Kind” Gemstone

In Chinese Jade is called Yu and has been used for over 7000 years since Neolithic culture. Long before the silk road, a “Road of Yu” has been developed from Hotan district of Xinjiang across East and West, in order to trade Yu in a context of culture exchange. Yu can be used in different occasions; however, it plays a central role in spiritual ceremonies among different cultures.

In the West, where jade is known since thousands of years, it has been studied by mineralogists who separated it into nephrite and jadeite. Jadeite, a member of the Fei Cui family, is highly appreciated in China since the Qing Dynasty. Nowadays, Fei Cui is divided into different varieties, some of which are still very popular and admired by people all around the world. If the use and symbolism of Jade has thus changed from time to time, the passion and affection for jade has, however, never changed.

Laure RaibautArt Historian and Archeologist, Lecturer at L’ECOLE, School of Jewelry Arts
Ann Lee, Gemologist and Lecturer at L’ECOLE, School of Jewelry Arts

Date: Thursday, December 7, 2023
Cocktail Session: 6:00pm-7:00pm
Conversation: 7:00pm–8:00pm
Language: English

Photo: Jadeite bead bracelet, Qing dynasty (1644-1911), Jadeite beads, tourmalines, pearls, and silk. L’ÉCOLE Van Cleef & Arpels

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