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New Ruby Course Available Now! “Ruby, a Fiery and Bewitching Stone” is now available from September onwards, with on-site Conversation “Jewels of the Renaissance” to complete your bejeweled month. Join our class session on September 13th to 25th!
Rubis de Mogok. Photo - Collection Van Cleef & Arpels

“Ruby, a Fiery and Bewitching Stone” (NEW)

Discover this mythical gem through the places it's extracted around the world. You'll understand its fascinating and special properties, which have made it the "king of precious stones". Courses open on 13th and 15th September.


Founded in 2012 in Place Vendôme, Paris, with the support of the High Jewelry Maison Van Cleef & Arpels, L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts is the first ever educational initiative which welcomes the general public into the knowledge of jewelry arts. While traveling around the world to share its knowledge, the three successful nomadic editions in Hong Kong have notably let L’ÉCOLE find a home in Asia: 2019 marked the official opening of L’ÉCOLE Asia Pacific in K11 MUSEA, Hong Kong to be its first permanent school outside Paris. Both schools of L’ÉCOLE share the same mission and vision. Through courses, videos, books, talks and exhibitions, L’ÉCOLE offers an introduction to the art history of jewelry, the savoir-faire of jewelry making and the universe of gemstones.

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Live Online Conversation "Emerald, Art and Science"
Van Cleef & Arpels, Chrysanthemum clip, 1937, Van Cleef & Arpels Collection. Patrick Gries © Van Cleef & Arpels SA

Face-to-face and Live Online Conversations at your choice

Our historians will recount in person the remarkable "Jewels of the Renaissance" (16/9), period characterized by artistic and cultural revolutions which have profoundly influenced the world of jewelry. For those interested in "The Secret Language of Flowers" (23/9), our historians in Paris will tell you how love, passion, remembrance, tributes to the gods are just a few of the many symbolic meanings of flowers that we will find throughout time.

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Thank you for your visit of “The Art of Gold, 3000 Years of Chinese Treasures”!

L'ÉCOLE would like to thank all of you who enjoyed the golden journey of our exhibition and shared your experience with friends, families and partners. For your further appreciation of gold and its craftsmanship, check out our videos in the E-Library and YouTube channel.

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#LECOLEGoldenKids campaign

Jul-Aug 2021: #LECOLEGoldenKids Family Campaign in Hong Kong (Extended to 5/9!)

L’ÉCOLE Asia Pacific's second family campaign will tap into your children’s creativity as they discover, learn and wonder about gold!

2021: Discovery Series - Jewelry Courses at a special rate!

Itineraries built for your at a special price, to encourage your overall understanding of the jewelry world!

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