Here is a riddle for you — "My first one shows a hoop, my second one can be worn on 10 different places, my third one is a miniature history of art, and they can all change owners".

The answer is a Ring!

This Online Conversation contemplates the different possibilities given by not-so-trivial ornaments: rings, from their universal marital symbols to their heirloom status displaying power and affiliation. The History of Rings in Europe intersects both private and public social life. Although they all bear three main elements: the shank, the bezel and the shoulder, rings present a diversity of aspects and functions, which can apply to both male and female wearers. 

Alongside the latest exhibition “Men’s Rings, Yves Gastou Collection” dedicated, the conversation will first unveil the many functional uses of such jewels. In a second part, the emblems and symbols rings can embody, especially the sentimental messages they convey, will be discussed further to finally consider the status of such pieces: from ornaments to sculptural artefacts, rings are real artistic creations showcasing invention, craftmanship and performance.

With Laure Raibaut, Curator, Art Historian with expertise in Asian and European art, and  Lecturer at L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Art, as well as Mathilde Rondouin, Art Historian and Lecturer at L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts

A History of The Ring