06. End #1

Daniel Brush


You find equanimity of spirit. You’re sharing it not just with yourself. You’re sharing it with a very long thread of humanity. That’s important to me. I like that. I like the idea that if someone can stand in front of artwork, they either pee in their pants or they smile from ear to ear or they shake uncontrollably. It’s a big emotion. If it really transfers, I’d love that.

I have felt it myself, standing in front of a Newman painting, “Stations of the Cross.” I have felt it. I’ve stood next to people who don’t feel it and wonder why. Do you have to have the right receptor? Do you have to be totally open, and delete everything you learned in university? What do you need to have?

Morihiro Ogawa placed in my hands the most important Japanese sword in North America. He said, “Could you see the clouds parting in the steel?” I was shaking. I wasn’t shaking because of the history of Masamune. I wasn’t shaking because of the beauty of the steel. It was shaking because of the thread of humanity that passed through it. Or, I was ready. I was ready with a play. I cherish that moment. It was a sacred moment to me.

I work every day just to make sure that I’m trying to find a voice That’s all I have so, as my son says, I don't leak out to society.

[Spencer Bailey] That’s good right? [Laughs]