Introduction to Setting (NEW)

Try your hands at stone setting

Event information

  • Participants
    4 people
  • Duration
    2 hours
  • Instructors
  • Language
    English (Cantonese interpretation)
  • Price
    HK$ 1,000

During this course
A jeweler will initiate you into the different setting techniques, which you will execute yourself, while seated at the jeweler’s workbench.

This course is given by a jeweler.

Good to know 
The experience from this course is also covered in the 4-hour course “From the Wax Project to the Setting Techniques”, through a more complete offer, discover not only the setting techniques, but also the wax project with a jeweler.

To go further
- Take part in “Trying Out the Jeweler’s Techniques” to discover more jewelry arts and crafts.