L'École, the School of Jewelry Arts
First school to initiate the public into the secrets of the jewelry world, L'École des Arts Joailliers (the School of Jewelry Arts) is for everyone!
L'École offers initiation courses, with hands-on experiencing, on an “à la carte” basis, in French or in English, to all those who want to learn and become an enlightened amateur.
Students (at least 18 years) from all countries sign up for one or more courses, according to their choice, among the three themes taught: Art History of Jewelry, Universe of Gemstones and “Savoir-Faire”. Each class is led by a team of two professors.
The initiation course, First steps into the jewelry world, offers a quick panorama of the three themes, lasts 2h30 and gather 25 students.
All other courses last 3 to 4 hours and include 6 to 12 students.
L'École also offers evening conferences and creative workshops specially designed for children and teenagers, which we invite you to discover on our website.

To find out more, download the brochure: