Livre d'or

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Aurélie D. - Paris 12/09/15

This course was amazing! It helped me understand how the political and cultural context can exert such an influence on art. I really enjoyed how rich the class was, how it focused on so many aspects of Art Nouveau. I wish I had more time to study it!

Allana S. – New York 12/09/15

Such a fun and educational experience. What a wonderful chance to meet others who admire the beauty of nature combined with the creativity of mankind.

Ashley M. – New York 12/09/15

Wonderful classes and fantastic teachers. You can feel their passion and the dedication they have in their work. I’m leaving feeling very inspired!

Marisa B. – New York 11/26/15

An illuminating discovery of the wonders of gems and the world of jewelry. Courses are led by true experts in the field, giving students a real “in” on this mysterious and magical field. Jewelry lovers, L’École is not to be missed!