The World of Gemstones

Pearl: History, Science and Legends

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Discover the first gemstone of Humanity.

Embark on a fascinating journey into the pearl, a gem born from a living organism as famous as it is mysterious, a rare and precious witness to humanity’s first steps.

Between natural and cultured pearls, freshwater and sea pearls, learn the secrets of their origins and formation. A tour of the world of the pearl to introduce you to all the different types of pearls.

Stimulate your senses by getting hands-on with pearls of different origins, shapes and sizes, and feel their awe-inspiring power. Take part in a fun experiment to classify a pearl using the latest, different criteria.

About the Course

A unique and original experience of the pearl, at the crossroads of history and gemology, to solve the mysteries of this gem that has always fascinated humanity.

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L'ÉCOLE - Pearl, History, Science and Legends

Pearl: History, Science and Legends

Sit back and relax

  • This course is run by a gemologist and an art historian.
  • You are welcomed by your teacher before the class starts: a chance to meet each other and share experiences.
  • You don’t need to bring any specific material.
  • A certificate is given at the end of the class.
  • Take part in the course: "Ruby, a Fiery and Bewitching Stone" and "Diamond Grading" to continue your exploration of gemology and to identify precious stones.
  • After each class, teachers deliver a list of books, podcasts, websites, museums related to the course attended.


High-quality education

L'ÉCOLE as education and research center has a scientific council.

A very unique faculty

All the teachers are passionate experts chosen for their enthusiasm and skill in transmitting their knowledge.


Skills are presented with ease in an enjoyable way, hands-on experience and dialogue. Classes are for everyone with no pre-requisites.

Exclusive interaction

Courses are delivered in small groups to allow students to discuss one-on-one with the experts.

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On an “à la carte” basis courses offered to all those who want to learn and become enlightened amateurs.