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L'École offers initiation courses with hands-on experiencing, on an "a la carte" basis, organized around three themes: the Savoir-Faire, the Art History of Jewelry and the Universe of Gemstones.

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Gift Certificate Lectures 40,00 €

L'Ecole Van Cleef & Arpels offers a regularly scheduled program of evening conversations, from 8pm to 10pm. With this gift certificate, offer the chance to learn from and share with two experts on a particular topic.

Gift certificate First Discover 100,00 €

以下のリストからコースを選んで贈る :

カテゴリー : 入門コース

ジュエリーの謎を探りたいと夢見ていたすべての方へ。私たちはジュエリーの原点となる貴石やハイジュエリーのサヴォアフェール、そしてスタイルを理解するための、最初の一歩を提供します。 このコースの修了後、「サヴォアフェール」「芸術史」 「原石の世界」の中から興味に合った講義を選択できます。( 複数選択可能
Around the World in Jewelry

This initiation course offers you a journey across the five continents in order to examine the jewel from a new point of view. The course is taught by a jewelry art historian and a gemologist. 

What is a jewel?  Why does it attract us?  Each civilization, each time period has produced its own answers.  From Africa to Oceania, passing through Asia, the Americas and Europe, this world tour in jewelry invites you to discover materials, techniques and styles which give the jewel its identity, from olden times to now.

The Engagement Ring: History, Gemology and Know-How
The engagement ring, a symbol of union and romance around the world, deserves to be better known.
With this workshop, you will learn about the history of the ring, gemologists will introduce you to the quality of gems and through the observation and handling of stones you will begin to understand the meaning of the different classifications.
To conclude, the jewelry teacher will reveal some of the workshop’s best kept secrets in order to create the most beautiful ring of all.

カテゴリー : サヴォアフェール

Trying out the jeweler’s techniques

ジュエリーを学び、理解したいすべての人を対象にした2時間30分の入門講義です。絵画講師とインストラクターに加え、ヴァン クリーフ&アーペルのアトリエで長年の経験を積んだ宝石職人とストーンセッターが講義を担当します。

There is so much to discover about the creation of an iconic jewel. Above and beyond the value of the precious metal and the gemstones which go into the jewel, there is a summit of achievement reached together by all those who practice the savoir-faire of jewelry making. You will try out the jewelers’ gestures hands-on, and thus experience for yourself all the richness of these artistic professions, guided personally by the Master Jewelers.


Gift certificate Expertise 200,00 €

以下のリストからコースを選んで贈る :

カテゴリー : サヴォアフェール





The Lapidary’s Art 1- Discovery: History and Techniques

Prerequisite: having taken the course "The Lapidary Art 1 - Discovery: history and gestures", to register for the course "The Lapidary Art 2".
Discover the history of stone cutting and the principal techniques of the Lapidary. This course is taught by a lapidary and a gemologist. You will discover the history, the geography, the vocabulary and the tools used to cut and polish colored stones. You will understand also how the Lapidary studies a rough stone in order to decide the best way to cut it, to obtain the very best color, while also retaining the best weight of the stone. Finally, you will proceed to the first steps for cutting: you will use the cutting machine and you will execute lapidary techniques.  You will leave with your pre-formed or “bruted” stone. Duration : 3h

The Lapidary’s Art 2 – Initiation: Cutting a Colored Stone

Prerequisite: having taken the course "The Lapidary Art 1 - Discovery: history and gestures".
Cutting your own stone.  Applying the techniques you learned during the course « The Lapidary’s Art 1 ». This course is taught by a lapidary and a gemologist.
You will first become acquainted with the major principles of cutting and the importance of proportions. Then you will cut your own stone until completion. Step by step, you will make the facets and polish them using the lapidary’s cutting and polishing machine. At the end of this course, you will leave with the fruit of your labor: your facetted stone. 


ジュエリー制作における最初のステップを探求しますインストラクターに加え、ヴァン クリーフ&アーペルのアトリエで長年の経験を積んだ宝石職人とストーンセッターが講義を担当します。




フランスと日本、2つの比類ない伝統工芸の世界へ受講者を誘います。インストラクターに加え、ヴァン クリーフ&アーペルのアトリエで長年の経験を積んだ漆芸の講師と宝石職人が講義を担当します。

2つのサヴォアフェール。フランスのジュエリーと日本の漆芸が、はじめてそれぞれの芸術の秘密を明らかにします。ヴァン クリーフ&アーペルのハイジュエリーアトリエに勤める「マンドール(黄金の手)」と呼ばれる職人と、漆芸の専門職人が講師となり、さまざまな技巧が伝授されます。ジュエリーのワークショップでは、受講者は職人の作業台につき、金属と植物象牙を用いた蝶の羽のモチーフを制作します。漆芸のワークショップでは、日本で実際に用いられている貴重な工具や素材を用い、漆塗りの蝶を仕上げていきます。

Explore and create 4 : Jewelry and “grand feu” enamelling

Discover the subtlety of applying the enameling art to a jewel
Enamel has existed since the invention of glass in ancient times. Accompanied by a Master Enameler, you will practice engraving the metal, crushing the enamel’s ingredients and then creating your own butterfly in champlevé and in plique à jour enamel.  Cooking your enamel work at very high temperature in the specialized oven will show you how and why this is called : « the art of ‘grand feu’ », because it is the fire, omnipresent in the enameler’s work, which fuses and transforms the material in order to reveal the color.

The Gouaché in High Jewelry 1 - The Light

In jewelry, creation is the result of a team effort, for which the design is the first step. The gouaché is a technically detailed rendering which will guide all the different « hands » who will participate in thecreation of the jewel. The mockup maker, the jewelers, the gemologists, the polishers, the setters: all will refer back to it during every single stage.  The gouaché prefigures the jewel, both in volume and in color. The jewel is a 3 dimensional object in volume, for which the design is flat, 2 dimensional. In this course, you will learn how to master showing these volumes for a white gold jewel, and how to create a subtle play of lights and shadows, using your gouache paint and brushes.

The Gouaché in High Jewelry 2 - The Color

In jewelry, creation is the result of a team effort, for which the design is the first step. The gouaché is a technically detailed rendering which will guide all the different « hands » who will participate in the creation of the jewel. The mockup maker, the jewelers, the gemologists, the polishers, the setters: all will refer back to it during every single stage.  The gouaché prefigures the jewel, both in volume and in color. In this course you will discover how the designer must perfectly express the association of color with light. From cabochon shape to faceted cuts, you will apply the techniques for gouaché which show the liveliness of the real stones.


カテゴリー : ジュエリーの芸術史

ヴァン クリーフ&アーペルの世界に入り込む

ヴァン クリーフ&アーペルが誇る作品、伝統技術、創造性の源となった歴史や世界を探求しましょう。熟練の講師と美術史家が講義を担当します。


ヴァン クリーフ&アーペルのいくつかの宝石を身に着けてみることで、その違いを感触や感覚で理解します。
Gold and Jewelry: from Antiquity to the Renaissance Princes

Pharaohs, emperors of Rome and Byzantium, princes of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance; the great and powerful all used gold as a symbol of their power.

From the techniques of casting and repoussé to chasing and granulation, the talent of goldsmiths is a testament to the epic story of gold.

To go deeper in your understanding of the jewelry evolution, you can take part in the course "Jewelry : from Louis XIV to Contemporary Artists".
A History of Jewelry, from Louis XIV to Art Deco

From Louis XIV to Art Déco, punctuated by extraordinary discoveries, the history of jewelry is marked by great creators.
After a retrospective journey and a presentation of the most famous jewelers, from Baroque to Art Déco, from the gems and precious metals to the most innovative materials, experience for yourself the blossoming of modern jewelry.

To discover how jewels evolved across the ages from Antiquity to the Renaissance, you can take part in the course "Gold & Jewelry, from Antiquity to the Renaissance Princes".

Art Nouveau Jewelry : from school to museum

Discover how Art Nouveau revitalized jewelers' art. This class is conducted by two art historians.

A splendid time for artistic creation, Art Nouveau identified the jewel as a work of art. Let’s decipher and interpret together the style of this period of tumultuous change: the « Belle Epoque »! To go further and to conclude our exploration we will visit the « Jewelry Gallery » inside the Museum of Decorative Art in order to enjoy major pieces of Art Nouveau jewelry.

タリスマン ジュエリー


この講義では、原石が発揮するパワーやその象徴的な意味を学びます。宝石にまつわる伝説や信仰に、多くの人が心を奪われてきました。中でもムガール帝国の歴代の皇帝やナポレオン1世、カトリーヌ・ド・メディチやエリザベス・ テイラーがよく知られています。世界各地に伝わるさまざまなシンボル、宝石やモチーフの中でも、特に「幸運」は普遍的なコードとして愛され、積極的にジュエリーに取り入れられてきたことがわかるでしょう。



カテゴリー : 原石の世界














The Ruby, a fiery and bewitching Stone

Discover the Ruby: this miraculous stone, which, according to the Burmese legend, carries the fire and the blood of the Earth itself. This course is given by two expert gemologists.

After having contemplated the unique symbolism of the color red, you will then start studying where this legendary is found, the places around the world where it is extracted.  You will also understand the fascinating and particular properties, which have made ruby the « Queen of Precious Stones » in many civilizations.




Gift certificate Having access to Van Cleef & Arpels creations 350,00 €

カテゴリー : サヴォアフェール

ヴァン クリーフ& アーペルの作品に触れる

アトリエを見学したり、職人やデザイナーと話をしたりすることで、類まれな作品を見る目を鍛えます。熟練の講師とヴァン クリーフ&アーペルのジュエリーデザイナーが講義を担当します。

ヴァン クリーフ&アーペルの世界を発見して理解し体験した後は、メゾンの中へと足を踏み入れてみましょう。クリエイティブチームと話をして、ジュエリーを制作する過程を一つずつ見ていきます。ヴァン クリーフ&アーペルのハイジュエリーのアトリエを見学し、「マンドール(黄金の手)」と呼ばれる卓越した技を持つ職人たちと出会うことができます。