Trying Out the Jeweler's Techniques (2h)

Discover what it takes to create a High Jewelry masterpiece.

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    8 people
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    € 100

What are the specific technical steps that have to be taken to make High Jewelry? What expertises are involved in the process of creation of a jewel? Today, just like in times gone by, many different kinds of savoir-faire must be combined in order for an exceptional piece of jewelry to come into being.

During this course
After a brief introduction, you will sit down at the traditional and authentic jeweler's workbench and you will participate in four different workshops, guided through every step by the artisans themselves. You will practice sculpting on a piece of jewelry modeling wax, you will use the jeweler's saw to make cuts into a piece of metal, you will do some polishing, and finally you will learn one of the most essential gestures to the setter by "lifting the grain" in a piece of metal.  

This course gives you the opportunity to get up close and personal with the richness of the "métiers d'art" (the artistic professions).     

Your teachers
You will be guided by three teachers, including a jeweler and a stone-setter.

Good to know
- You will take home as a souvenir the wax stick you will have been working on during the course.
- You are welcomed by your teachers before the class starts: a chance to meet each other and share experiences.
- You don’t need to bring any specific material.
- A certificate is given at the end of the class.

To Go Further  
- Participate in the course "From Design to Mock-up", in order to fill out your grasp of the jewelry making process.
- After each class, teachers deliver a list of books, podcasts, websites, museums related to the course attended

What makes L'ÉCOLE experience so special
- High-quality education: L'ÉCOLE as education and research center has a scientific council.
- A very unique faculty: all the teachers are passionate experts chosen for their enthusiasm and skill in transmitting their knowledge.
- Generosity: skills are presented with ease in an enjoyable way, hands-on experience and dialogue. Classes are for everyone with no pre-requisites.
- Exclusive interaction: courses are delivered in small groups to allow students to discuss one-on-one with the experts.
- Initiation courses: on an “à la carte” basis courses offered to all those who want to learn and become enlightened amateurs.