From Design to Mock-up (4h)


Explore one of the first steps in creating a jewel.

Using various sources of inspiration, understand the three stages which allow a jewel to be represented in two dimensions: the drawing, the tracing, and the gouaché.

Experience the mock-up maker's gestures while creating a pewter mock-up, the first three-dimensional interpretation of the jewel. Cut a butterfly out of metal, shape it and decorate it with rhinestones.

About the Course

Once the design is finished, the process of creating a jewel begins with a “gouaché” painted design, depicting its color, shape, and volume in actual size. 

We also offer a 2-hour course focused only on discovering the technique of the mock-up in jewelry: "Discover the technique of the mock-up in jewelry".

From Design to Mock-up

Sit back and relax

  • This class led by three teachers, including a designer and a mock-up maker.
  • You will leave with the gouaché and the pewter mock-up you will make during the course.
  • You are welcomed by your teachers before the class starts: a chance to meet each other and share experiences.
  • You don’t need to bring any specific material.
  • A certificate is given at the end of the class.
  • Take part in the course "From the Wax Project to the Setting Techniques", to discover the next steps in the process of creating fine jewelry.
  • After each class, teachers deliver a list of books, podcasts, websites, museums related to the course attended.

Special Offer: Discovery Series

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