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First discovery of the jewel (3 courses)

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Via these three courses, you will never again look at a jewel the same way!

About the Series

L’ÉCOLE’s "Discovery Series" are dedicated packages of 2, 3 or 4 courses curated for you to deepen your knowledge about jewelry.

An itinerary built for you at a special price: 

Description of the Menu:

You will never again look at a jewel the same way! This very complete special selection, mixing theory, and practice will escort you into the jewelry world via three great doors: knowledge of precious stones and gems, the history of jewelry around the world, and the technical expertise which is at the origin of jewelry creations.

Via these three courses, you will discover jewelry’s role in human history.  You will understand the magic of stones, as you observe them with the gemologist’s loupe.  You will practice the key jeweler’s techniques, you will cut out metal and you will execute part of the stone setting process. 

Details of the offer:

3 courses, total time: 8.5 hours

  • Regular tuition: 400€
  • Special course menu: 280€

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