Discovery series

Introduction to the world of gemstones (2 courses)

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Dive into the heart of gemstones, use your eyes and hands to understand and identify this gift from the Nature.  

About the Series

L’ÉCOLE’s "Discovery Series" are dedicated packages of 2, 3 or 4 courses curated for you to deepen your knowledge about jewelry.

An itinerary built for you at a special price : 

  1. Discover the Gemstones – Duration: 4 hours
  2. Recognize the Gemstones – Duration: 4 hours

Description of the Menu

Dive into the heart of gemstones, using your eye and discovering the techniques and tools of gemology to recognize and identify stones.  

This course selection will allow you to build a knowledge base in gemology thanks to back and forth between theory and experience. You will manipulate and observe precious and colored gemstones, both cut and rough. You will learn to let your emotions speak to you in order to appreciate gemstones, in order to become an enlightened connoisseur. 

Detail of the offer:

2 courses, total time: 8 hours

  • Regular tuition: 400€
  • Special course menu: 280€

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