Art History of Jewelry

Gold and Jewelry, from Antiquity to the Renaissance Princes (4h)

Gold and Jewelry, from Antiquity to the Renaissance Princes Full

Explore how jewelry has evolved through history, from ancient times up until the Renaissance.

Immerse yourself into the very essence of jewelry history! The stories and the geography will send you on a voyage through centuries and civilizations: you will discover how jewelry has evolved through the ages, its uses and its symbolism. Finally, you will have the privilege of observing the patrimonial collection of L'ÉCOLE, a teaching collection of extraordinary antique jewels.

About the Course

Pharaohs, Roman emperors, Byzantine potentates, Medieval princes, Renaissance rulers, all powerful people have used gold as one of their attributes of wielding that power.

From casting to repoussé, from chasing to granulation, through the talent of goldsmiths the saga of gold is revealed.

Agneau pearl 16th MAD_Resized_Compressé.jpg
Hellenistic snake bracelet © GüntherMeyer copyright Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim_Resized_Compressé.jpg
MET museum Petrus Christus goldsmith in his shop_Resized_Compressé.jpg
MFA wreath oak leaves and acorns_Resized (

Or et bijoux, de l'Antiquité aux princes de la Renaissance

Sit back and relax

  • This course is led by two art historians.
  • You are welcomed by your teachers before the class starts: a chance to meet each other and share experiences.
  • You don’t need to bring any specific material.
  • A certificate is given at the end of the class.
  • Broaden your understanding of jewelry's evolution by participating in the course "A History of Jewelry, from Louis XIV to Art Deco".
  • After each class, teachers deliver a list of books, podcasts, websites, museums related to the course attended.

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