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Invite your family and friends to take part in an exclusive experience by offering them one or several courses at L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts!

L’ÉCOLE offers initiation courses with hands-on experiencing, on an "a la carte" basis, organized around three themes: the Savoir-Faire, the Art History of Jewelry and the Universe of Gemstones.
Choose from several packages of courses and lectures from 40 to 350 euros, select the one you wish to offer, send us your contact detail using the form and you will receive your gift certificate - which has a validity of one year after the date of purchase - by mail or by post.

Got a special offer code

You may have received by post or by email a unique gift certificate coupon code. By entering it, you will be able to select the course of your choice among a list of courses available.
Book a date and session you would like to attend, you will receive then shortly a confirmation email and a convocation.