Courses & lectures


In 2 hours and 30 minutes, an introduction for everyone who wants to learn about and understand jewelry
(Please note: currently this course is taught exclusively in French)


Art History of Jewelry

From the origins to the present, immerse yourself in the very essence of the History of the worlds of jewelry and watchmaking, their major aesthetic sources, their experts, famous jewels and legendary gemstones.


The Universe of Gemstones

Plunge at the heart of the earth to discover the origin and the evolution of its treasures: the gemstones. You will learn how to distinguish precious stones and how to manipulate them, following advices from gemology experts, becoming therefore, a shrewd amateur.


Creative Workshops

Directly experiencing the arts, hands-on, is essential to education and to a child’s personal development. L'École des Arts Joailliers organizes regular Creative Workshops, inviting the young public to unleash their creativity while exploring a fascinating new world. By combining learning and playing, the workshops initiate children from 5 to 16 years old into the world of creative professions.

Evening conversations and encounters

L’ÉCOLE, School of Jewelry Arts offers a regular program of evening conversations and meetings with experts and authors. Evening conversations give 70 people the chance to learn from and share with two experts on a particular topic. “Meet the author” gatherings offer a chance to discuss a book with its author. "Behind the scenes at the exhibition" allow to discover the current exhibition under special conditions, outside the fixed opening hours to the public and under the guidance of its designers, curators or catalog authors. 



Coming soon:

  • October 03 : Meet the author – Patrizia di Carrobio, Be jeweled
  • November 21 : Evening conversation : IVORY, DIAMOND AND LACQUER… ART DECO PRECIOUS MATERIALS