Jewels through History

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Learn from the History of Jewelry and master jewelers. This class is conducted by two art historians.

Detailing different styles of jewelry from ancient times up until the present day, immerse yourself in the very essence of the History of jewelry, its great aesthetic themes and their origin. to gain an understanding of the master jewelers who have marked the time.
Discover how to make a marriage between metal and gemstones in order to create unique and extraordinary high end jewelry pieces.

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Gislain Aucremanne

“It is all about how jewels offer a way of understanding much more than just jewelry. Within a larger context, each piece of jewelry tells us stories about art history, symbols of power and the development of techniques.”

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Teachers are likely to change from one session to another

Students' reviews

Marisa B. – New York

An illuminating discovery of the wonders of gems and the world of jewelry. Courses are led by true experts in the field, giving students a real “in” on this mysterious and magical field. Jewelry lovers, L’École is not to be missed!

Joëlle S. – Paris

Je profite de l'occasion pour vous renouveler mes remerciements et félicitations pour la très grande qualité de l'accueil et des interventions au sein de l'École. Je vous confirme bien volontiers que, d'expérience de plus de trente années dans les métiers du haut luxe, et des formations dans les plus grandes Maisons, celles que vous même, votre équipe et vos collaborateurs extérieurs proposent sont d'une originalité et d'un niveau incomparables.

Sumeet C. – Georgia, USA

Thank you for letting us into the beautiful and elegant world of L’Ecole Van Cleef & Arpels. I have taken many courses in the field, but this program has a charm and character unlike any other

Chris D. – New York

Exquisite, precious and deeply informative. With these courses, Van Cleef & Arpels is sharing its passion for jewelry history and craftsmanship. A gift to jewelry-lovers everywhere!